* The power of change is the most important step in which the person can pass in his life it is training through which are born it`s a journey to discover self and helps you identify your potential . And that's through ::

  • 1-Get rid of the circle of failure and exit from that cicle and enter the circle of success .

  • 2-No excuse.

  • 3-Get rid of all the accumulated negatives that hinder us from success.

  • 4- Gain self-confidence, leadership and responsibility.

  • 5-The power of love and tolerance

  • 6-How to choose a life partner.

  • 7-The spiritual side and the appreciation of God's blessings on you and your relationship with the Creator.
  • 8-Grateful.

  • 9-Recognize yourself as a human being through all the qualities and blessings that God gives you and discover the potential that is within you.
  • 10-Futuristic vision and goal setting.

  • 11-Perseverance and perseverance to reach the goal and walk on the road to success.

  • 12-The power of change is being lived by the trainee in body, mind, heart and soul.

  • 13-The body through the difficulties and challenges are very large are the challenges of life, which requires us to make a great effort to overcome these obstacles.

  • 14-And the mind where the effort of mental high of the management and think in a profound and profound .. And that the passage of a series of strong shocks within the training and overcome it instills in the unconscious mind the foundations of success in life.

  • 15-The role of the heart comes in those inspiring lessons in a high atmosphere of positive emotions and constructive feelings such as love, tolerance, gratitude, loyalty, tenderness and other meanings found within the training.

  • 16-And as the mind, heart and body played an important role also comes the importance of strengthening the spirit, which is the basis of all life through moments of purity and knife feel where God yes and seek to improve our relationship with the Creator Almighty .

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