If we consider what is happening around us among individuals of the prevalent behaviors and cultures that are now prevalent among young people in particular and all ages in general we found ...

- Many things need to be radically changed, redirected or perhaps modified track. Often there are those who have not yet determined which path to take and which goal they want to achieve.

- There are many young frustrated and lacking self-confidence and wish to find motivation and motivation and who takes his hand towards success and self-realization.

- There is a clear gap between the elderly and young adults and between parents and their sons and daughters and also between the ages of senior Sunni or young people in terms of views and understanding and methods of dialogue and discussion in general ethics and ethics.

- Many young people miss the positive and collective spirit and face the challenges and problems of life in various aspects of physical, social, practical, scientific ... etc.

There is no doubt that these things and others are clearly spread in the community and from here it was our role through the course ... that the apprentice attend the training period in a positive environment high in a pleasant spirit in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere with the application of all the lessons in the training room in practice Through Work Shop and Games and applications and methods of modern scientific at the highest level, where the trainee passes tests and attitudes and challenges in the course and succeed in overcoming them are obstacles to life and all that was hampered for success and self-realization and achieve the desired goal and go out for life after the course as a different man by applying to everything Learn it.

Lecture one
Time Management
Lecture Two
Lecture Three
Lecture Four
Lecture Five
Group work and team building
Lecture six
Problem solving and decision making

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