About Us

Welcome to Plan B

Plan B was established in accordance with the provisions of the Egyptian law for the purpose of providing human development courses and training and registered in the Egyptian government with a commercial register and tax number in accordance with the controls. Each new customer has full right to a contract with all his data and guarantees in accordance with the rules and provisions of the Arab Republic of Egypt

PLAN B is an Egyptian company that makes all efforts to help put the Arab world in the forefront in the field of education as it is the cornerstone for the development and advancement of peoples. In line with the Foundation's belief in the importance of education and its impact on improving the quality of life of societies, countries and individuals and their prosperity at all levels, the Foundation aims to provide a set of essential courses that are indispensable and provide high quality materials based on the development of its contents. ...

As we work to develop human skills from all aspects, scientific, intellectual or behavioral, which will inevitably be applied by the individual in his personal life, scientific and social and all aspects of life


• Our vision reflects the goal of the Company which is highlighted in all what it provides in the field of education, self-improvement, and the improvement of education in Egypt and the Arab World.


• Our mission begins, starting from the first day of establishing the Company, which is an on-going and evolving process to reveal our basic objective, and it is also considered the standard we proceed from to provide all what is different and distinctive to all our valued clients in Egypt and the Arab World.


• Building positive, influential individuals in their societies, and who are capable of living together under the banner of the nation as well as advancing it in the field of education and self-improvement.


o Honesty and transparency
o Development and distinction.
o Commitment and integrity.